The Company

The sixties

The company Latoaria Lindo Vale, Lda. (LLV) was founded on November 26, 1963 by people who gave all their effort and soul to a project and made it a reality.
The headquarters and establishment were located in Baralhas, Castelões parish, Vale de Cambra municipality.

The seventies

In 1972, the premises and headquarters were moved to Pinheiro Manso, parish of S. Pedro de Castelões, municipality of Vale de Cambra, a place that remains today.

The eighties

On September 17, 1984, there was a very significant capital increase.
From 1988 onwards, some of the metal packaging will have certificates of conformity issued by the National Packaging Center (CNE).

The nineties

The facilities have undergone minor changes over time due to the admission of employees and the acquisition of new machinery.


In 2003 LindoVale starts implementing a Quality Management System and since April 2004 it has been certified according to the “NP EN ISO 9001: 2000” Standard . In recent years LindoVale has known quite remarkable results, thanks to the investments made (both in terms of equipment and facilities) that have enabled the company to achieve greater production capacity and a wider range of products.

The main industrial activity is focused on the production of light metal packaging for Paints, Varnishes, Thinners, Glues and food packaging (mainly for Olives).
In view of market requirements, LindoVale also invested in “non-traditional” packaging ( packaging for advertising, gifts, sports, toys, academic activities, coffees, tea, chocolates, cookies, sparkling wines and wines ), thus increasing its range of offer.
As of December 2009, we changed the corporate name of Latoaria Lindo Vale, Lda. To LindoVale – Embalagens Metálicas, Lda .